What Are The Results Of Integrative Energy Medicine?

Healing will likely continue to unfold for 4 to 10 days after treatment. A sense of inner peace, increased energy, and/or elevated mood may be perceived externally, while a deeper transformation is evolving.

Benefits may include: an improvement in the presenting concern, improved awareness, faster healing at psycho-physical levels, a greater ability to function mentally and emotionally, greater self-acceptance, greater self-empowerment, high-level wellness, attunement to one’s spirit and emotions, accelerated personal process and growth, anxiety reduction, and enhanced resilience to stress.

Healing can take place immediately and gradually over several sessions. It is not always possible to predict how rapidly a particular condition will improve as many variables are involved. The number of healing sessions required for maximum benefit may vary. Kim will openly tell you if Energy Healing is not appropriate for your condition. Active engagement in a healthy lifestyle while receiving any complementary medical treatment will help to facilitate the best results.

Please call 604.790.6400 or email: info@kimuming.com for fee schedule and appointment bookings.

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Energy Healing is not meant as a substitute for medical or psychological diagnosis and treatment. Kim M. U-Ming is not associated with any branch of allopathic medicine and does not diagnose conditions or prescribe medications. Always consult a licensed physician or licensed health care professional for any physical or psychological problem and prior to embarking any health-related or lifestyle routine.

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