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From just a few satisfied clients:


“Kim is a very caring and understanding coach. She consistently exudes a very confident and professional approach in our coaching sessions. Throughout every one of our sessions, I felt incredibly secure, light, and motivated to advance beyond my limiting beliefs.

I am so grateful to her for all the changes we have been creating together.  I just feel so very strong and clear now on my unique path.  I am now achieving my biggest and most ambitious goals.

I am grateful to be playing a much bigger ‘game’ in my life after working with Kim.  Thank you Kim for everything!”  ―Alyssa, Counsellor 

“Coaching gave me the time to explore different ideas that I would have never thought of on my own. Most of the time we get caught up in our day to day lives and forget about the bigger picture. The time that I spent with Kim was extremely efficient and fulfilling. Had I tried to accomplish what I did in a single session with Kim, it would’ve taken days if not weeks and with no clear direction. Kim is very calm and patient, I basically felt that I could reveal anything about myself and she wouldn’t even flinch which created a comfortable environment to explore my thoughts.”  ― D.S. Executive

“Through coaching with Kim, I realised greater possibilities and felt much more competent and confident in my public speaking skills.”  ― A.A., Healthcare Professional 

“Kim U-Ming’s coaching sessions came at a time when I was wishing to redefine my career path. Kim’s encouraging approach helped me open my mind to what my strengths and potentials are, what I wanted to do in the short and long term, and we came up with a plan to do start doing it. Soon after my first session I had taken my career in the direction that I was hoping for and was collaborating with new colleagues on the kinds of projects I desired. Kim’s follow up sessions helped me focus on what I now need to do to make this new direction even more rewarding. Kim’s sessions have been invaluable to me.” ― A. Film Editor 

“Coaching with Kim has helped me to become calm, centered and clear within my life in many areas. I am getting more of what I want out of life and with a greater satisfaction. I am now living from a place of joy. Thank you Kim!” ― Carrie Brown, Wellness Professional

Integrative Energy Medicine

“After my brain cancer surgery, I began radiation treatment.  I was suffering from a multitude of issues.  Primarily, I was not feeling balanced in general, or sleeping properly.  I suffered from seizures daily.  While the medication prescribed did help, I was still very sick.

Energy healing was recommended to me, as the British Columbia Cancer Agency could not do anything more for me other than provide medication and counseling.

That was two years ago.

After starting to work with Kim U-Ming, my condition improved very noticeably and radically.  My energy level and overall neurological stability improved to the point that several medications were stopped entirely.

As a cancer survivor, I suggest you combine Kim’s energy healing and holistic counseling with modern medicine for the BEST solution to recover fully.”  ― D.M. Director of Sales 

“I recently had eye surgery. First my left eye, then my right.  My eyes were feeling disconnected from each other, I began to get headaches.  My whole body felt off and unbalanced.  

I had a session with Kim.   It was unbelievable how amazing I felt during and after our session.  I felt so relaxed that I fell asleep and when I awoke, I felt balanced and like a new person.  My eyes felt great!

Kim’s intuition to hone in and work on areas most needed is fascinating.

I would definitely recommend Kim for her great work in energy healing.”  ― J.C.

“I have a back injury caused by severe child abuse. It leaves me with serious chronic pain. Needless to say, given its cause, my pain leaves me emotionally tense and drained as well as physically depleted. I find that I tend to tense my shoulders and breathe shallowly as an unconscious way to try to “run away” from my lower back pain. I then feel almost split in two, my upper torso and head existing in a different space than my lower body. In addition, the pain and medications leave my body feeling “sludgy,” as if my blood isn’t moving quickly and smoothly enough. It’s all very hard to describe, but Kim’s healing work helps.

When Kim works with me, I feel there is more “motion” in me; the sludgy feeling goes away. My body feels whole.  I am able to relax and connect my emotional, spiritual, and physical selves, and my adult and wounded child selves, into one. I am less afraid of the emotions connected to the pain and abuse. My pain does diminish some. In short, the work Kim does is healing not just for my body but for all of me.  ― Charlotte Issyvoo

“Before beginning my healing sessions with Kim, I was experiencing a chronic lack of energy and an overwhelming generalized lethargy. When I went for my first session, I had absolutely no idea what to expect, but was very open to whatever the experience would bring.

Right away, I felt that Kim had an extremely soothing, gentle and grounded presence. I was comfortable, relaxed and safe with her. As for the healing itself, I definitely felt an immediate result. By the end of my first session, I had such a powerful sensation – mentally, spiritually and physically – of clarity and flow, it was almost euphoric.

Ensuing sessions have only served to strengthen and deepen a sense of inner wellbeing, and I’m profoundly grateful to Kim for the wonderful work she does.”  ― Tamea Burd

“My introduction to energy healing was several years ago immediately after hernia surgery. I had two sessions with Kim and I was amazed at how quickly my incisions healed and the pain subsided. The need for pain-killing medications was eliminated.

More recently I was suffering with rotator cuff tendinitis in the shoulder and again sought Kim’s help. I am now without pain and discomfort in the shoulder.

I try to avoid the pharmaceutical route, because of the several possible side effects. I therefore recommend the holistic approach, particularly energy healing which balances the whole being.

Kim truly cares about helping. Her sincerity and sensitivity are clearly evident during treatments.”  ― A. Marketing Manager

“I have had several sessions with Kim, all of which left me feeling very relaxed and stress free. She has been able to relieve pain in various parts of my body. Kim’s work has a lasting calming effect. Kim is a very professional, intuitive and genuine person and I would recommend her services to anyone that needs treatment both internally and externally in energy work.”  ― J.S. CEO

“When Kim began (remotely) working on Jewel she had been constantly sick but since then, she has only been sick once and was able to get better fast. My daughter was born premature and has cerebral palsy with a hand-full of labels to describe multiple disorders. She was just recently checked and the prognosis was; she has made gains, her spine is now straight without scoliosis, her hips have shown stability and are sitting more in their sockets than compared with the previous x-ray. She has good range of motion. Jewel appears calmer, healthier, and is able to show a greater range of stability overall, which helps her with her schoolwork, specifically reading. She also has fewer tantrums. Kim has good knowledge of natural supplements and foods that aid in strengthening and overall health.”  ― Ivana, Mother of Jewel, age 10 years. Maui, Hawaii

“I rapidly regained my balance through energy healing sessions with Kim: mentally, spiritually and physically. Kim’s professionalism is superior and I highly recommend her work. Thanks Kim.”  ― Bladimir Santos, Professional Dance and Acrobatics Instructor

“I highly recommend Kim’s work to anyone who is interested in experiencing their own healing. Kim is truly gifted in her work as a healer.”  ― J.G. RN BSN

“I am able to open up into myself, as well as experience profound healing during my sessions with Kim. There is a level of integrity and purity of intention in her work that I have rarely experienced with anyone else.”  ― A. Professional Dance & Yoga Instructor

“Kim possesses a genuine sensitivity to pain and a deep concern for our over-all wellbeing. She is truly knowledgeable and informative about a wide range of holistic subjects. Her energy work has had a lasting impact on my whole being.” ― K. L. Visual Artist

“I feel so much lighter since our session… my knee is free of any pain. Thank you for giving me this space and time.”  ― C.K. Fashion Consultant

“Seeing Kim for energy therapy helped facilitate my recovery from an acute knee injury. But more than just caring for my physical aches and pains, Kim has gently and patiently inspired me to take my own healing seriously and to listen deeply to my intuition.”  ― Karen de Luna

“In 2002 I suffered from a constant cough and my GP could not figure out what was causing it. She therefore referred me to a specialist.  During my examination, the specialist discovered a lump on my neck and I was sent to St. Paul’s for a biopsy and then a consultation with a surgeon, who recommended that the thyroid lump/nodule be removed.  I decided against surgery as I was not having any discomfort and it did not attribute to my cough.

Now in June 2014, twelve years later, my new GP insisted I have the nodule checked out again.  The scan revealed that it had grown almost twice the size.  During the waiting time of one month to see the surgeon for a needle aspiration and consultation, Kim did three energy healing sessions on the area of the nodule. I went for my appointment with the surgeon in July 2014, and to my astonishment, the surgeon could not find the lump/nodule.

Kim’s energy healing sessions not only dissolved my thyroid nodule but also relieved pulled painful muscles around my ears, neck and throat due to an ear infection.

Thanks to Kim, I have avoided unnecessary surgery. Her previous energy healing sessions also helped me prepare and recover from two necessary surgeries. 

I always feel great after energy healing sessions.”  ― Cecilia, General Manager 


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