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Executive, Business, and Life Coaching Services with Kim M. U-Ming, Certified Executive Coach

“What a man can be, he must be. This need we may call self-actualisation.” — Abraham Maslow

Coaching can provide benefits not available elsewhere in one’s life.

One of the greatest benefits of having a coach is that a coach is not tied to your organisation, your family, your friends, or anyone else. Thus, a coach is not impacted by your decisions, your wins, or your losses. A coach is tied only to you, so you may be certain that you are completely supported in what you want and where you wish to go in life.

Even if hired by a company, the singular role of the coach is to support the client.

What is Coaching?

What coaching is not, is a form of therapy. Coaching is more akin to recognising accomplishments and working towards achieving seemingly ‘impossible’ future outcomes.

Coaching is not completed within a single session. Coaching is a process that bears fruit over time – it requires regular intervals of evaluation.

Coaching sessions are client-led; every session focuses exclusively on what the client wishes to achieve. I go beyond behavioural remediation and delve deeply into the subconscious mind, self-discovery, self-development, and self-growth. This in turn positively impacts not only the individual, but also all and any organisational contact on the whole.

Coaching can also help leaders learn about themselves and provide them with the inspiration they need to overcome a particular challenge or challenges they are facing at their place of work. It is a coach’s responsibility to act as a trusted confidant. The fact that sessions are 100% confidential means that individuals are given the opportunity to share leadership, business, life concerns, and have the ability to go over ideas without causing any concern to their co-workers and subordinates. In turn, fair and valuable insights are gained.

I have provided coaching to many diverse clients ranging from executives, leaders, health professionals, scientists, entrepreneurs, artists, advocates, and members of the gifted and highly sensitive populations.

Through bespoke application of highly effective coaching models, I help you master success faster, with more powerful results.

Together we shall:

  • Rapidly clear blocks that are keeping you stuck and replace behavioural patterns that are not useful with highly effective ones
  • Illuminate what is holding you back by enhancing your perceptivity and help you make sense of situations in new meaningful ways
  • Create practical, achievable, measurable action steps and strategies that make a massive difference to where you are going with your dreams
  • Implement powerful templates and systems that create profit and build a career or business when only the best will do
  • Kindle powerful motivation and sustained drive for long-term endurance so your success increases exponentially 

What is the Return on Investment for You?

  • Alignment of Personal and Professional Goals
  • Develop Cutting Edge Leadership Skills
  • Enhance Work Performance and Build Strength
  • Approach Your Profession and Life With a Feeling of Greater Clarity and Power
  • Enhance Creativity
  • Increase Confidence and Personal Power
  • Improve Conflict Resolution Skills
  • Raise Emotional Quotient
  • Enjoy Better Relationships
  • Career Advancement
  • Improve Team Effectiveness
  • Conquer Hurdles
  • Create Positive Fresh Abilities and New Constructive Ways of Thinking
  • Eliminate the complications you have had to getting where you would like to be
  • Experience Relief from Overwhelm and Stress
  • Explore Potent Strategies for Manifesting Positive Results
  • Greater Awareness
  • Heighten Interpersonal Effectiveness
  • Overcome Procrastination
  • Join the world’s top leaders who are receiving coaching

My Approach to Coaching (getting you where you want to be)

Unlike traditional methodologies where clients are encouraged to focus on the past and the problem(s) that made them seek help, I help my clients focus on the present, gain clarity, and take action to result in a successful future.

We will mutually design a distinctive coaching relationship to foster your personal clarity about your goals, enabling you ultimately to make it a reality. Then, utilising state of the art techniques, we will adjust limiting beliefs and habits to create newer, more resourceful tools.

Combined with my extensive background, your coaching experience will be taken to a profound level. I take a fully integrated, holistic approach to all dimensions of coaching, as that is the only way to ensure that you will be successful and experience meaning in both life and work. We look at how you can be even more effective with teams, peers, and stakeholders. In essence, I help individuals take control of their lives rather than allowing life to control them.

Positive thinking is emphasised in this encouraging, effective, and individually tailored approach. This style of coaching fortifies self-worth and personal power.

My training in the corporate business sector has also served my clients well as I consider how workplace issues impact their daily lives, and give them the tools to better manage the workplace.

Coaching can be of benefit in any of the following areas:

  • Excellence
  • Executive Coaching
  • Business and Career
  • Improving Personal and Professional Performance
  • Self-Motivation
  • Success
  • A Feeling of Disconnection, ‘Emptiness’, or ‘Feeling Stuck’
  • Balancing Priorities
  • Breaking Free From Unhelpful Habits and Patterns
  • Building Self-Confidence
  • Changing Unproductive Thought Patterns
  • Gifted Adult Issues
  • Health
  • High-Level Wellness
  • Interpersonal Effectiveness
  • Life
  • Modification of Unhealthy Habits
  • Organisation and Planning
  • Overcoming Procrastination and Managing Transitions
  • Self-Awareness and Mindfulness
  • Self-Compassion
  • Time Management
  • Highly Sensitive Person (HSP) Concerns
  • Women’s Issues

…and more depending on need!

Is it time for you to make your move to the next level?  If so, I’d love for you to join me and experience the benefits from coaching that will impact your life today and in the long-term.

Included in all current programs is what I call unlimited laser and email coaching. What this means is you can contact me at any time between our scheduled coaching sessions for on the spot coaching. Essentially, you are hiring me as a coach on a monthly retainer

Commonly, a single coaching contract is based on a three to twelve month commitment. The average time a client works with a coach is for one year. Coaching is not a quick fix, it is a continuous process, and you will increasingly notice the benefits and build momentum each month.

Get started today!

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